Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another day gone by, wow too fast... summer will be here and I won't be ready lol....that's the way things go. Every time I plan something to do, I find myself doing something else and before you know it the first plan is on the back burner (or forgot what I was doing hehe).. Is that a sign or ??? umm can't be the age thing...LOL... I thought I did lots today, but I guess I didn't LOL .

Did however accomplished one thing, I went to the gym with Denise and did some cardio and visited too...that's always a great thing to do, feel energized now UMMM anymore cleaning, na, not tonight maybe a little sewing . Chow til tomorrow and enjoy the evening..

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Robin L said...

I hope it isnt old age because I do the same thing and Im only 39 (yikes!)lol Im glad you got to the gym and are more energized!
Im still waiting for you to fly to my house to do my windows lol